Zlatan’s parking war at PSG

Foto: Ilya Khokhlov Wikimedia

PSG-star Zlatan Ibrahimovic repeatedly stole assistant manager Claude Makelele’s parking spot at the club’s training grounds, and started a parking war against his employers. When his teammates made the parking issues into a laughing matter the swede replied in style.
– If I want to park my car in the dressing room, I’ll park my car in the dressing room.

It is the French newspaper L’Equipe that reveals what really happened in Zlatan’s infamous “parking war” at PSG. Ibrahimovic had made it a habit to park his car at assistant manager Claude Makelele’s spot, since it was closer to the training grounds and more secluded from fans. This reportedly caused jealousy in the PSG camp, since the other players were forced to park their cars further away. Facility manager Olivier Letang therefor banned all players from using the staff members parking lot and referred them to the players parking area. He also ordered personnel to stop Ibrahimovic from entering the staff members parking, should he do it again.

The following day Ibrahimovic car was yet again parked at Makelele’s spot. And the next day he returned once more to park his car in the same area, but was stopped. The swede was told he had to park his car in the players parking lot, like everybody else. Ibrahimovic was furious. He turned off his engine and left the car in the middle of the driveway to the parking lot, blocking all traffic.

– My car stays here and nobody touches it. If there’s so much as a scratch you’ll pay for it, Ibrahimovic reportedly told the parking lot guard, according to L’Equipe.

The facility manager was notified of Ibrahimovic actions and forced to make a call to have the car removed. He got a hold of Leonardo, director of football at PSG, who convinced ‘Ibra’ to hand over the car key so the car could be removed.

When his teammates joked about it, Ibrahimovic simply replied.
– If I want to park my car in the dressing room, I’ll park my car in the dressing room.
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